HUSH MODE ocean (c) make history
HUSH MODE ocean (c) make history
HUSH MODE ocean (c) make history

HUSH MODE * Ocean Myst

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We are glued to our smart phones 24/7. At family dinners, at work, when we’re out with friends. Even when we sleep, our phones are only inches away. Studies show this habit is harmful for our health and social relationships. HUSH MODE to the rescue! Put your device to rest in this stylish smart phone lock box and enjoy uninterrupted quality time with the people you love, finish that work project 10 times quicker, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Disconnect and reconnect. Your phone will still love you and appreciate the little rest too.

Made of innovative, high quality and unique acrylic material called ‘Versato (c) MYST’ 
by Pyrasied in The Netherlands. The 8mm colourful complementary compartments are subtle, mystical and eye pleasing in combination with light. MYST absorbs light, makes it diffuse but showing only the contours of the object inside.

210 x 110 x 55 mm

Color // HUSH MODE Ocean Myst
Base: Sea green x smokey black x nude
Lid: reversible glitter silver and glitter black

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