How to make a Time Capsule for a wedding

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how to make a wedding time capsule

Imagine being able to relive your most special day again! Over and over. Again and again. Your wedding day. For most, it’s one of the most special days of a lifetime. But time flies and sometimes it’s hard to remember all the little details that made it extra spectacular. Wouldn’t you just want to go back in time? And read all those touching wedding speeches again? Or listen to your wedding song? While drinking the wine you served at your wedding dinner?

Well as far as we know, time travel is still a way off. But we’ve created the next best thing - a Time Capsule for you to relive all those happy moments and memories. Whether it is on your 5th or 50th anniversary, or whenever the moment is right, you open your Time Capsule and take a magical trip down memory lane! So how to make a wedding Time Capsule? We’re here to help.

Is your bestie tying the knot? Even better, this is the best wedding gift that just keeps on giving. Imagine the excitement when they open the Time Capsule you gave them decades from now with their grandchildren (and you!) there! Making a start with a wedding Time Capsule is also a perfect activity for the bachelorette party.

How to make a wedding Time Capsule – tips on what to put in

But how to get started? The Time Capsule comes with a neat kit* to help the happy couple capture their most special marital mementos. So here are some tips to get you started on what personal items you can put inside the Time Capsule:

•   The wedding invite. And for extra coolness,  send it to yourself so it is date stamped!
•   Copies of the wedding speeches. Collect them all, it’s so worth it.
•   Photos of when you met, where he/she proposed, your first holiday. So sweet memories!
•   Photos of the wedding. Your whole wedding book or just a few highlights, up to you.
•   Photos of the stag night/ hen party!!
•   Photos of the honeymoon
•   Messages from the guests. Use the complementary notebook or the downloadable flag.
•   Cake topper
•   The wedding playlist and/or opening song
•   The newspaper from the day of the wedding
•   Your ‘something old, new, borrowed and blue’. Yes, it still counts as borrowed if you return it on your 50th wedding anniversary!
•   Bottle of wine from the (year of the) wedding or the bottle of wine you served at your wedding dinner.
•   The cork of the first champagne bottle that was popped at your wedding
•   And all other small sweet memories that are unique to YOUR big day!

how to make a wedding time capsule - best gifts for weddings 

*The Time Capsule complete kit

The Time Capsule always comes with a nifty kit to help the newlyweds capture the memories of their bachelors, their big day and their honeymoon.

  • an unbreakable crispy white Time Capsule that keeps all happy moments alive and fresh for years to come
  • a pretty journal for pictures and messages of loved ones.
  • handy question stickers. For the bride and groom, the brides maids, groomsmen and others guests to answer.
  • funky tags for labelling personal items you want to include. Like little items that made your wedding so special.
  • an envelope for that special 'letter to the future'. The bride and groom can write each other a letter and keepsake safely inside this pretty envelope.
  • super strength sealing-strip 

On top of that we created a printable flag design that can serve as a decoration and a ‘live’ guestbook during the wedding event. The wedding banner flags can be printed on A3 and A4 paper in the colours of the wedding. Hang on a long, nice piece of ribbon and decorate the wedding venue in style! During the event, friends and family can plot down messages to the happy couple. At the end of the party, all messages can be put inside the Time Capsule for a happy read in a few years time! Download the wedding banner here.


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